Software Licensing

License software is provided to organizations that allow the customer to acquire multiple licenses of products and services. Arrangements for organizations are designed to provide customers with a means of doing, so it doesn’t lead to acquiring separately packaged product through retail channels. Different programs are designed to provide flexibility for organizations of various sizes for delivering organizational licensing arrangements that are made in the market.

Open Licensing

Designed primarily for small-to-medium organizations to acquire perpetual or subscription licenses. Software assurance is provided for support, tools, and training to help customers deploy and efficient usage of the software. Several variations of Open licensing programs are built to fit customers with a diverse way of purchase. Licenses can be acquired with software assurance and only license in this and can be renewed upon the expiration of existing volume licensing agreements.

Select Plus Licensing

Designed for medium-to-large organizations that allow customers to acquire perpetual licenses. Allows customers to acquire only licenses, acquire licenses with software assurance, or renew software assurance upon the expiration of existing volume licensing agreements. Online services are available for purchase through the Select Plus Program.

Services Provider Licensing

Targeted to service providers and Independent Software Vendors which allows to provide software services and hosted applications to the customers.

Enterprise Agreement Licensing

Targeted at medium and large organizations for all or substantial parts of the enterprise to provide licenses to Online services and software products along with software assurance. Elect to either acquire perpetual licenses or non-perpetual, subscription agreements for a specified time period. Online Services are also available for purchase through the Enterprise Agreement.

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